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Rainy Day Comfort Food | AVIDfoodie.com

LA never rains… well almost. It’s a relief to see water coming down after 80 degree heat in the winter. Because of the severe drought, prices are rising for local farm fresh products and seasonal fruits are getting shorter, so I am thankful for the rain. It’s the perfect time for veggie soup with chicken. Armed with the organic chicken broth from costco, all the vegetables I got from the farmers market goes in: carrots, celery, kale, green onions, onions, zucchini, English peas and Italian parsley. Boil and add shredded roasted chicken from the night before for a hardy, healthy lunch perfect for a rainy day. I had plan to go out with a friend for dinner, however rain never agrees Angelenos and plans are canceled. After having grilled English peas, manchego and iberico jamon as a snack, I had to figure out dinner. With the short rib ravioli sitting in the fridge and black mole, I wanted to see if it would work well together. I warmed up the mole and added some chicken stock to liquefy it and plated the raviolis on top with a little fresh parsley. It was good because the chocolate spicy flavors were comforting, bold and warm; however, you loose the flavor of the short rib encased in the pasta. It would be better if the short rib was braised in the Oaxacan mole, with a light white mole sauce. To go with the Oacacan theme, I made a hot black tea mezcal drink that kept me warm and lucid thru the night. Wanting to do a side by side comparison, I also made the ravioli in a brown butter fried sage sauce, which allowed the red wine reduction in the short ribs to burst through. Ending with a little popcorn and TV binge night watching Starz Banshee, it was a perfect rainy day.