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Indochine, Sushi Roku, Tacoteca: 2 lunches, snacks & drinks | AVIDfoodie.com

Sometimes in LA people cancel on you at the last minute, so I just go with the flow, as a result I was pleasantly surprised and sufficiently stuffed.

My first lunch was a pre-meeting, which we had decided on Silverlake because our next meeting was with at a studio.  We went to Indochine, an Americanize vietnamese trendy place that served pho, banh mi and other noodles.  Why do I say it’s trendy, well I ordered a Pho Bo Xao- which are stir fried brown rice noodles  tenderloin beef.  I personally never had brown rice noodles at a traditional vietnamese restaurant in Westminster or Monterey Park.  The stir-fry had just the right amount of seasoning, had shredded carrots and bean sprouts, it was good and I was hungry.  During lunch, I get a call that our meeting had been moved, so I called a friend who was having lunch in Pasadena (10 LA miles) whom I was suppose to pick up after my meeting at 5, and joined them for a second lunch at Sushi Roku.

Sushi Roku was interesting because the order was made before I got there and it was HUGE.  First there was an 1997 Billecart- Salmon Curvee Elizabeth handed to me over the table covered with a mass amount of sushi and rolls.    After enjoying my perfect glass of champagne (love), I was poured a 2006 Volnay Premier Cru Santenots Du Milieu François Mikulski to go with the winter black truffle selection on the table.  It was a bit overkill, I started with the big eye tuna, shaved black truffle, shaved parmesan and pea shoots.  Next, I had a tempura black truffle roll dipped in a truffle oil with a bonita based sauce, and last I had  tempura brussel sprouts and black truffle with truffle infuse ponzu.  Even thought the warmth and crunchiness of the tempura black truffle against the texture of the sushi rice was satisfying, I thought the truffle taste was lost and was only enhanced by the truffle oil. Then I turned to the sushi, with a glass of Montrachet in hand, I slowly worked my way eating a third of the platter.  All the pieces were cut well and were quality pieces of fish, as expected from Sushi Roku.  A few stand outs were the ocean trout, sea scallops and conch.  Yes there were a bit of left over of the truffle tempura sushi roll wrapped in soy-paper.   We finished at 6 to sit in Friday night LA traffic, heading toward Santa Monica, for our next food place.

After over an hour of driving, we reached Tacoteca in Santa Monica. For my much needed cocktail, I choose AGUACATERO which is a Mezcal drink containing , Avocado, Green Chartreuse, Lime and Crickets.   Since I was stuffed, I slowly sipped my drink and ordered the chicharron quesadillas which I didn’t have the last time I was there.  I love having the cheese with pork rinds and crispy tortillas, but what i wasn’t impressed with the bits of chicharron that was so hard it hurt my teeth.  I tried a bite of the east cape tuna, which was basically sashmi , a light soy sauce with a little lime juice. Meh.  During my last visit here, I thought the duck tamale and the Chorizo taco were awesome and I should try it again next time. For dessert, we decided to Cadet for an old fashion and a french margarita with mezcal. This was a big day of eating and drinking!