Late Breakfast was a Turkey Scramble with a little Manchego.  We always have Manchego in the fridge, so that is our defaut cheese.  For dinner, I wanted to try Holy Cow, a relatively new “Texan” BBQ joint in Brentwood, CA.  After being in Texas recently,  I would really just call it BBQ.  The meats were ok, I had the sampler so I could try the North Carolina pull pork, baby back ribs, tri-tip and brisket.   I thought the brisket was the best and the ribs were good, not fall off the bone good but good.  The rest was a bit tough and dry, not tender and juciy.  It came with 4 different sauces and pickles, and we order corn bread, collard greens and smash potato tots with cheese, the sides were really good.  It was a bit expensive at $65 for 2, with 2 beers but at least we gave it a try. Of course, right across the street was sweet rose creamery & I had to have  a scoop of the Malted Chocolate with Hazelnut Praline with another scoop of the Orange Coriander with Marmalade and Almonds; I even had a taste of the toasted coconut on a cone. It was worth every calorie.