All about the game day food and lots of it!  Pot luck at a friends house so I made bacon pecan brownies and buffalo wing popcorn.  I didn’t do the brownies from scratch, instead I used ghirardelli double brownie mix as a base, fried the bacon up and use the bacon fat as the oil for the mix.  Mixed in 1/3 cup of bacon and 2/3 cup of pecans and voila!  Damm good bacon brownies for game day.  My bon appetite magazine came the day before and had a buffalo wing popcorn recipe , I loved it.  I used Red Rooster hot sauce, since I had a new bottle in the cupboards.  Its so easy to make, a bit spicy and sweet.  Everyone had it, some even took some home.  As for the rest of the food, there more than enough to take home.  Leftovers are good!

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