I love fresh pasta! For my real job, I had to a meeting with Dominic from Domenico foods.  I was so excited when he gave me a  bag of goodies to take home and try.  A decade ago, I bought some of his sun-dried tomatoes at the Beverly Hills cheese store and fell in love with the taste of his sun-dried tomato family’s recipe.  For a quickie lunch, I had the spaghetti and sun-dried walnut pesto with aged parmesan shaved on top.

For dinner, A friend of mine gave me some lobster caracas and the head from a 7 lb lobster.  There was so much meat in just the head alone, I made a creamy lobster pasta to go with fettuccine.   Also, had the bread from La Brea Bakery, with the Domenico’s lemon artichoke tapanade.