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About Us

Why another food site?

Avidfoodie is a place for me to share  food experiences. Food is the center of communication in the chinese culture and is the center of social activities for many people. Pictures of dishes chronicles my life events, trips and friendships that have deepen over a meal.

For 2015, I plan to write about what I eat everyday.  Even if it is a snapshot. So at the end their should be 365 plus posts of food, recipes, reviews and past experiences.



Avidfoodie: Amy (and Truffles)
Passionate about food and tech, I am a digital marketing centric geek. Being the head of marketing for a small independent movie studio to a cable network, I never had time to put up a food based site. I feel it’s important to chronicle, publish and share my experiences. I also see a lot of amazing caterers, restaurants, chefs, cooks and bakers with really bad marketing sites and need an outlet for my opinions. My dog is named Truffles, because everything is better with Truffles.

My most creative combo: Warm spinach salad with Brulee king crab leg and pig candy.
Kind of Wrong, but so right: Fois Gras macaroons