We are still in holiday mode yesterday. It feels like one long weekend and being passive productive, i.e. staying home and catching up on emails vs going into an actually office. It’s nice to have a “staycation”, reading and sleeping in not really know what we are going to do next. I made another egg white omlet for a late brunch, coffee and left over champagne from the day before. I worked in the kitchen most of the all day, breaking down a raw turkey for it’s parts and making dog treats and saving 3 lbs of ground turkey for future use & finishing the 5th batch of short rib ravoili. Not wanting to cook at night, we were thinking chinese take out/delivery; howeve not wanting to wash dishes, we dined in at a local chinese food joint that I haven’t been to in over 5 years. Walking to Dragon Place in Santa Monica, I remember the greasy hole in the wall I use to take out in my college years (so more than 5 years.) I was pleasently surprised, food has gotten a lot better through the years. The lunch specials are cheap! The stars and review is based on a balance of cost, food and location. If this was in Monterey Park or if their entrees were over $15, this review would be different. Their a la carte menu is good. Service is a little slow because they were pack last night, they at least try, they are a bit understaffed but that is how they keep is cheap. They dinner special is not worth it unless you really want fried rice. We had the hot and sour soup that was really hardy and good, full of meat and flavor. The paper wrap chicken had the shallot and garlic flavor infused with a little caramelization from the cook, dang good. The egg roll was so-so, because the skin was so think but the surprise was fresh veggie filling inside. The fried wonton are not worth it unless you just want wonton chips, they have no meat in it, they have meat but it’s so little I challenge you to actually find it. Cheap Chinese fried rice with little flavor, but peppered with cuts of carrots, peas, onions, it was much better then before because it wasn’t greasy but I will opt for the plain rice next time. For the entrees, we had moo shu beef and kung pao chicken, both costing $8 the later one was better. They pre-rolled the moo shu with the skin just thinner than a burrito skin, the flavor of the moo shu filling was good and not greasy but i couldn’t get over the texture of the dried thick skin, I opened it up and just had the inside. Now for the kung pao chicken, most of the review here says it is the one to try and I agree that you can’t really go wrong there. It was flavorful, crunchy and soft at the same time. The chicken was tender and the sauce was just salty and spicy enough. On a side note, this is the first Chinese restaurant Ive been to that they had forks at every table but not Chopsticks. I’m Chinese and they didn’t even offer them to me, so I have to say that this place is better for people looking for Americanized Chinese food vs authentic and should review it accordingly. I will try different entrees through out 2015 and update dishes i eat, as this will be my default take out Chinese food.